Can I bring an x-ray slip from another x-ray clinic?

Yes. We understand that many of our clients have attended our clinic before, or would like the friendly family-owned service you cannot get elsewhere. So, we accept any x-ray slip, provided we do that type of x-ray. See our services here.

Do x-rays hurt?

It is pretty rare for an x-ray to hurt. In fact, most of our clients do not even realise we have done the x-ray, when we let them know it is finished.

Is radiation from x-rays dangerous?

Our Radiographer considers each case carefully, and calculates an appropriate dose of radiation. When used appropriately, radiation is rarely dangerous.

Why should I have my prescribed x-ray?

A medical professional only prescribes an x-ray if they need more information on a part of your body. The x-ray, along with our specialist radiologist insights, enables your medical professional to more effectively diagnose and treat your medical condition.

Will I need to wear a gown?

This usually depends on where you are having your x-ray. For example, if it is on your abdomen, then yes. But if it is your wrist, ankle, or wisdom teeth, then you will not need to.

How are cone-beam x-rays different from other x-rays?

The cone beam provides a three dimensional scan compared to a two dimensional scan offered by most other medical CT scans. This means your medical professional (particularly dentists) can get a really accurate picture of the region of your body being scanned, and make a more reliable diagnosis. 

What risks are associated with x-rays when pregnant?

For pregnant women, it depends on the type of x-ray needed, and how much radiation is required of that type of x-ray. The higher the dosage of radiation, the greater the risk will be.  x-rays should be avoided during pregnancy wherever possible. However, we recognise that these are sometimes unavoidable, and recommend you call our reception, or drop in for a chat.

Can I eat and drink before an x-ray?

Yes (but only if you share).

How long does an x-ray take?

This depends on how long the type of x-ray takes, and if our radiologist requires you to wear a gown. If it is a standard x-ray it should only take a couple of minutes.

Can I see my x-ray?

We see hundreds of x-rays a week, but we know they look pretty exciting, especially if you are taking in a child. So, yes, we are happy for you to see your x-ray! We won't even say no to you sharing it on social media.