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Our team have a wealth of experience and will be only too happy to have a chat
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Stephen Corbett - Radiographer

Stephen Corbett

Radiographer (Director)

Born and raised in Tasmania, Stephen (Steve) took over the Launceston x-ray practice in 2007, and since then has overseen growth of the only family-owned and operated practice in the region. He has a Bachelor of Applied Science/Medical Radiation Science (MSC) from the University of Sydney, and has had an eternal passion for radiography and x-ray services since. Specialising in trauma radiology, Stephen has more than nineteen years of experience across the United Kingdom and Australia.

Lauren Corbett - Business Development Manager

Lauren Corbett

Practice Manager

Growing up in Brisbane, Lauren's background is in financial accounting with more than eighteen years in business. Lauren has worked in various roles in public, private, education, and non-profit sectors. After moving to Launceston over ten years ago, Lauren has worked in various roles at the University of Tasmania including Executive Officer in the Tasmanian School of Business and Economics.

Winston - the Launceston X-Ray Dog in Newstead


Chief Barketing Officer

When at work, Winston is responsible for ensuring all employees are happy in their roles, and provides smiles all round. With a wealth of experience in his pawsition, he recognises the importance of a positive employee experience. When not in the office, you can find numerous photos on the Radiographer's phone along with endless stories bound to enhancing the x-ray experience.