X-Ray and Radiology Services

We have a wide-range of x-ray and radiologist services available, most of which can be bulk-billed with Medicare. Some specialist services have a small gap fee, as the Medicare rebate does not fully cover the cost of the procedure. If you have questions, see our Frequently Asked Questions page

Dental Xray

Dental X-Rays

We do a wide range of dental x-rays to enable dental care treatment plans and dental diagnosis. A dentist will typically provide a referral for our x-ray services, to enable dentists to diagnose issues they may not be able to see in a general dental examination. 

These may include finding cavities, reviewing tooth roots, assessing wisdom teeth, or looking to see the status of existing or developing teeth. Importantly, we have a cone beam CT x-ray machine that enables an x-ray beyond what most x-ray practices can provide.

Chiropractic Xray

Chiropractic X-Rays

We currently provide x-rays to the majority of chiropractors in Launceston. Chiropractors often refer for x-rays that enable the exclusion of pathological causes and to determine the most appropriate method of care for your bones. We provide an advanced radiography report back to your chiropractor to make their assessments more effective. 

One of the most common x-rays Chiropractors refer to our Radiographer is for spinal x-rays. A chiropractor will seek to eliminate possible pathology (e.g. tumor or fracture) before making spinal adjustments.

General Xray

General Practice (GP) X-Rays

For everything else, our Radiographer is usually able to conduct x-rays for GP Doctors. These may include bone and joint x-rays to see the damage from recent limb trauma, or to seek evidence of infections in specific areas. 

Our Radiologist provides an advanced report with expert medical commentary that is beyond what standard x-ray practices conduct. This is because we value the time of our GPs, and we see value in providing a second opinion to maximise the likelihood of their diagnosis being the best option, while saving their time.